Introduction: A Start to an Adventure!


Hello, potential readers!

I am Estelle, and welcome to The Pearls of Reading!  I’m happy that you have dropped by for a visit whether it is out of curiosity or by accident, but if I was with you in person, I would’ve asked you to sit down and have a glass of water or whatever you would prefer to drink.  We would probably talk about life, and if you’re a book lover also, perhaps, we would also discuss books we have read.

Anyway, as of right now, I am waiting for 2 books to be available to me: Oscar Wilde’s “Complete Short Stories” and Han Kang’s “The Vegetarian”, a novel translated from Korean.  I plan to start off this month with these two books, and if time permits, I may end December with three.  That would be wonderful if things go as planned!

I’m really excited about finally joining the book blog community, and I hope to grow furthermore as a person before entering university.  In the past, I have read books written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, short stories by Edgar Allen Poe, and so on forth–but when it dawned on me that I have reading almost nothing but works by English-speaking men in classrooms…it made me realize how close-minded I was.  I wanted to change that, because I am a person of color.

You see, representation has always meant so much to me.  While growing up in the midwestern and southern parts of the United States, I saw little to no visual representations of Asian or Asian Americans.  When I wanted an Asian Barbie doll, it wasn’t available.  When I wanted more Mulan merchandises, I couldn’t find them.  Eventually, I started recognizing this in academic books as well–and in history.  I felt invisible.  As a result, I was led to believe that this lack of diversity was “normal” until now.

While the works I was given to read in academic settings were all absolutely brilliant, I knew that there are many authors out there, who are working just as hard to get their books published.  Whether they are of minority status or from foreign countries, I know that they have a voice and I want to hear it.  I want to find those hidden gems, the new and long forgotten pearls of this deep-sea literary adventure.

And hence, the journey starts.


Author: Pretty Pearl

| California, USA | 20-something |

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