About Me


imageedit_4_5681713692.jpgHello, readers, and welcome to The Pearls of Reading!  I am Estelle, and I will soon be studying English in Central California, United States as of Fall 2017.  For this blog, I will be reviewing books ranging from English classics and adventure to romance and drama.

Every month, I will be reading from about 4 – 5 books.  I will be reading written work from every available country (provided that it is translated into English) and even from minorities, such as Aboriginal, Native American, and Hmong. This is quite challenging, because I may or may not have access to the translated title.

My favorite book genres are classics, fantasy, and adventure.  Favorite books of mine include “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen and Tracy Lynn’s “Snow.”  I have yet to find more favorites!

In my leisure time, I enjoy writing, drawing, and playing video games.  I am also a coffee & tea addict.  Other passions include sewing and sleep.