1.  Who is the blogger behind The Pearls of Reading?

That would be me, Estelle!  I am a university student studying English in Central California.  Motivated by my interest in books and the lack of representation in past readings, I decided to start this blog to document my literary journey!  For more information about me, check out my About section.

2.  What is the blog’s main goal?

The Pearls of Reading or “The Pearls” for short–is dedicated to reading books from all around the world and providing readers with opinionated reviews.

3.  What is the story behind The Pearls’ name?

The blog’s name is inspired by the thought of finding hidden gems or long forgotten titles hidden deep in the ocean of literature, which stretches from all across the globe.  Of course, this means I will do my best to read a variety of diverse books and even those which most people aren’t aware of (the hidden gems!).  If you want to recommend an amazing book, feel welcome to email me the details or just comment with the title below, and I will go check it out!

4.  What kind of books would you be featuring?

I plan to read and review books ranging from classics to contemporary and that are written by authors from all over the world.  This will also include Aboriginal, Hmong, and Native American authors.  Though I already have a TBR list I plan to work with, I may still get to your recommended book since the list is subjected to change.

5.  Will you be reading anything other than books?

Now and then, I do enjoy reading essays and poetry.  I hope to include them here whenever I take short breaks away from books.  Until then, please be patient with me and stay tuned for my reviews and updates!


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