UPDATE: My Hiatus Status Is Almost Over


Hello readers!

I was quite surprised that when I suddenly left the blog back in January, I came back to casually check and found I have gained followers during my Hiatus status.  The college Fall semester is coming well underway (with lots of anxiety and panic because of so much required reading!).  I am currently enrolled in three English undergrad core classes: American Literature, British Literature, and Myth & Folklore!  I feel as though I am getting along with my professors, analyzing text, participating in class discussions, answering questions (although I am little wide awake for my 8 am class), and trying to get to know my classmates.

I do owe you all an explanation for my sudden Hiatus.

See, soon after my January 2016 post, I finally managed to secure myself a part-time job and decided to focus more on working many hours throughout the week and traveled more throughout California.  Last weekend, my fiance and I finally went up to the NorCal area to see a couple of new friends and spent the day with them before coming back down to our town in the evening.  A couple of months before that, in mid-August, we both spent the weekend in Torrance Beach, CA with a local friend for the first time also.  It was quite the adventure, hitting up a beautiful California beach with warm, white sand–clear, blue skies–and crystal blue water!  The housings were pretty expensive though, but the SoCal food were delicious and the locals were very friendly to tourists like us.

Back in July, we went to downtown Los Angeles for events and stayed at an Airbnb where my fiance ran into one of our favorite YouTube celebrities!  Then, before that, we had gone to the Bay area for the weekend too.  Traveling does wonders to the soul, and it does provide me some life reflections as I drew in the experiences with my fiance, friends, and strangers.

As of now, I am often going to class, reading into the late night, typing up essays for hours and hours, and spending 2 evenings of the week–going to work (I may have to resign soon to spend more time, studying and writing).  For the Spring 2018 semester, I do plan on finishing up the book I never did finish for The Pearls of Reading blog and hopefully, resume writing up book reviews for you all to enjoy (Maybe sooner than that?).

Please have patience with me for I will make my return as soon as possible.